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Diamond Stylz

My name is Diamond Stylz™. I am a proud Black trans woman. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana but I live in Houston, Texas. I have a triumphant First amendment court case on the books dating back to my 1999 high school years.

I am also the first transgender woman to attend Jackson State University, a popular HBCU in the conservative Jackson, Mississippi. This was a very hostile environment where I hone my taste for activism. In college, I learned to maneuver in a place full of people that were not very enthusiastic about a trans woman being a part of the fabric of the student body. In that same place of hostility, I learn that I was also a beacon of light for individuals who wanted to stand outside the box and be themselves.

My formal and informal education is focused on mental health, race, and gender. Though I love psychology, my passion is in the Journalistic media and the arts. I am a singer/songwriter and a podcaster. Marsha’s Plate is a podcast of launch in 2017 where three friends come together every Thursday to share opinions and perspectives through a black transfolk’s lens. Hosted By Diamond Stylz, Mia Mix, and  Zee. All Houston-based digital strategist, black feminists, civil right advocates, and trans people of color.

As a 10-year vet YouTuber I had over  12,000 subscribers, almost 3.5 million views, For some reason after 10 years, YouTube decided to delete my whole account. Luckily I was going to new things and I started podcasting. I started Marsha’s Plate in May of 2017 launched n October.  I am addicted to podcasting.  Podcasting is a beautiful medium that allows millions of people around the world to be exposed to real-life stories that they would not have had the chance to be heard 20 years ago. I can control my content, message, and imagery without the gatekeepers. Image control is something most oppressed people lack. Here on my blog, I am not a mockery or freak of nature. The internet gives me that control. I am proud to be in these positions and ventures because they are my contributions to the understanding of the LGBT community as a whole especially the transgender experience. I have been involved as a speaker radio shows, national events such as Pride events and conferences, and books.

I feel that the many struggles and situations I have been in have prepared me for my purpose in the world. That purpose is to share my life and stories to promote diversity and understanding in the subjects of race, gender, and, sexuality. I am positioning myself to be one of the premiere voices and personalities of the LGBT community specifically transgender community. I feel being true to my purpose will help me strengthen my faith in God, my ties in the transgender community, and overall understanding for the world. I feel like I am upward bound in this phase of my life. I know I cannot do this alone. I need my community like my community needs me. I am humbled by my past, grateful for my present, and hopeful about my future. Thank you for your time and please share with your friends. Now let us get into the meat and potatoes of this thing…Check out My blogs and writing >>>>>>>>>
Diamond Stylz™

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Diamond Stylz is an experienced speaker and facilitator focusing on LGBTQ+ issues and history, trans-inclusive feminism, mental health, work discrimination, sex work decriminalization, black liberation, journalism, and activism. If you would like to request Diamond Stylz to speak you, Email diamondstylz@gmail.com

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