A Conversation with an Idiot

The Dick-Hungry Idiot from San Bernadino, CA

onenonly10ca: wyd
diamondstyles: wru?
onenonly10ca: nobody important
diamondstyles: if you’re not important to yourself, why would you be important to me
onenonly10ca: what are you up to?
onenonly10ca: i was just joking, my bad
onenonly10ca: of course im important
diamondstyles: so who are you
onenonly10ca: i’m steven
diamondstyles: steven where did you just add me from
onenonly10ca: bp
onenonly10ca: blackplanet
diamondstyles: what is your bp name
onenonly10ca: wiseguy09ca
diamondstyles: ohk
diamondstyles: nice glasses
onenonly10ca: thanks
onenonly10ca: so what you doing
diamondstyles: chillin surfing the web
onenonly10ca: ok sounds good
onenonly10ca: surfing for anything in particular
diamondstyles: inspiration
onenonly10ca: something inspiring ok
onenonly10ca: well uplift that dick for me baby
diamondstyles: -_- not cool
onenonly10ca: *wink* WHAT?!?!
diamondstyles: was that suppose to be sexy?
diamondstyles: or appealing
diamondstyles: i got more gay and annoying
onenonly10ca: i feel you
diamondstyles: but since we are being rude…..if you were less focused on dick and more on a better diet and work out plan your body would look better
diamondstyles: a better body means more dick for you
diamondstyles: i promise it will work
diamondstyles: but anyway have a good morning
diamondstyles: peace
onenonly10ca: you never saw me on my web cam so you wouldnt know how I look but i feel you
diamondstyles: if those are the pics that are suppose to entice me then i dont wanna see your on cam
diamondstyles: all i found cute wa sthe glasses
diamondstyles: but i guess that make us even
onenonly10ca: even about what huh
diamondstyles: cause all you found cute im sure was the fact that i have a dick
diamondstyles: which is obviously your main thing
diamondstyles: dick
onenonly10ca: huh
onenonly10ca: you lost me but like you said your annoyed so i feel you cool cool
diamondstyles: annoying ? me
diamondstyles: did i hit you up?
onenonly10ca: no you said i annoy you
onenonly10ca: lol
diamondstyles: yes you do
onenonly10ca: you just want to chat argue but i feel you
diamondstyles: who is arguing?
onenonly10ca: or putting people down
diamondstyles: you open the door to being rude
diamondstyles: so im just goin with you flow
onenonly10ca: thanks for making me feel good
diamondstyles: no thanks for trying to treat me like some freak you can just be rude too with my dick on your mind
onenonly10ca: not the rude type
diamondstyles: so you let me know dick was on your mind
diamondstyles: and how unattractive you are wa son my mind
diamondstyles: you are the rude type
onenonly10ca: not really
onenonly10ca: that was your misinterpretation
diamondstyles: you said “ uplift that dick for me baby”
diamondstyles: how was that a misinterpretation?
onenonly10ca: nah you are reading too much into it
onenonly10ca: but i understand
diamondstyles: I am reading too much into you tell me to uplift my dick
diamondstyles: is that normal conversation to you
onenonly10ca: your right beautiful my bad

About diamondstylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is pursuing a masters in Psychology.From sharing her sultry voice in song, her comedic antics,to sharing her life & commentary in the online media, she will capture your heart.
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13 Responses to A Conversation with an Idiot

  1. David says:

    there is never an excuse not to treat another person with basic respect… this world lacks tollerance.

  2. big larry says:

    mane fuk these niggas baby.if i was talkin to u ur dik wouldnt be the main topic at all.men need to realize that transgenders are human & not sex objects.i like what you are doing,keep it up

  3. jesse says:

    u give respect to get it,and when u dont u end the interaction. u kept that convo going then posted it inorder to make urself look important. a lady would not have done that. seeing how u think u speak for the trans community, try knowing how women /ladies feel and act.

    • diamondstylz says:

      Sweetie first off do YOU feel i post this to feel important. an dyou have a right to your opinion. I posted this to show people how rude guys can be even when youa re being normal and nice or they objectify you sexually. Has nothin to do with me wanting to feel important. I have 3200 subscriber that feel i do speak for the transcommunity and in a good way so what some dude i dont know thinks about me doesnt matter. Your a man you can tell me nothing about what a lady, woman, girl female or anything else will do. I have seen female put rude niggas on blast for being asshole all the time. So you obvious sittin under a rock somewher eif you thing regular ladies dont put nigga on blast when they deserve it.

  4. jesse says:

    this is why i decided no to date trans’. from my exp ,your all self centered and egotisical. i can get that from a woman.but women know how to be compassionate,trans’ dont. i dont believe that “always felt like a woman”trans’ dont have any idea what it means to be a woman. stop blowing ur horn u clown,make a difference. dont try , do it.

    • diamondstylz says:

      if you me pointing out a guy being rude and disrespectful stop you from dating trans, i am glad. We dont want you dating us anyway. Regular women can have you, clown. Wanting and expecting respect is not self center or egostistical. Maybe you should get a dictionary. He was rude and i reacted to his rudenesss. I have made a difference already. so im not trying IT DONE ALREADY and im STILL DOING.

      • Regular women don’t want him either, honey. LOL Jesse, guys like you deserve to be stuck with Rosey Palm as your sole companion until you learn how to speak to a lady. A true gentleman’s estimation of a lady is never a factor in how well he treats her. By this definition, you are no gentleman. P.S. I’m a straight natal girl, yet I would STILL put a man in his place for speaking to me as oneandonly10ca spoke to Diamond. What makes you assume being forthright and advocating for onesself is reserved just for trans ladies? Seems you don’t understand women as well as you imagine you do.

      • I just had an epiphany: What if onenonly10ca’s real name is Jesse? LOL

  5. Walter says:

    Why did this entire conversation give me the cackle of my life. That serves him right to blatantly disrespect someone whom you don’t know. Then he had to audacity to act as if his feelings were hurt when you retorted the way you did? How hilariously sad!

  6. Got that right sis. Tired of guys thinking that they can say anything, do anything and treat transwomen with disrespect.

  7. Decetra says:

    Diamond this thang is a hot ass mess, he wasn’t expecting your reaction….I feel ya though he didn’t come to you in a proper manner, he came off wrong. You served him tho!

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