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Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is pursuing a masters in Psychology.From sharing her sultry voice in song, her comedic antics,to sharing her life & commentary in the online media, she will capture your heart.

Star-Farmer’s Grace Initiative

What is  the Star-Farmer’s Grace Initiative? Star-Farmer’s Grace Initiative is a Black Trans Women Inc led initiative to support our Texas Trans community by ending the pipeline to pre-trial detention and ultimately mass incarceration. The inspiration to start this initiative … Continue reading

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Cis Black Women Do Owe Us One Thing

In regards to the Grapevine mess:As a Black Trans woman, the demographic of people that have the most shared oppression with me is Cis Black Women. There is a particularly pointed pressure to defend and be in alliance with them. … Continue reading

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The Black Trans Women of San Francisco Are Beacons of Resilience.

So as the executive director of Black Trans Women Inc. I want to build community connections with other Black trans women doing powerful work around the country. This allows me to build friendships but also see what is working in … Continue reading

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ABC Nightline with Black Transwomen Inc

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Dave Chapelle Do Better

Netflix released Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “ Stick and Stones.” This set the Internet on fire. As a fan of Dave Chappelle and a black trans woman, I found myself pulled into a conflicted space between an outraged LGBTQ+ community … Continue reading

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The Love Beneath 15: Hence The Problem

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New Music from Diamond Stylz “Find The Right Words”

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Don’t Wait To Celebrate

Gender dysphoria is a common term thrown around between trans people and medical professionals. Gender identity disorder is a conflict between a person’s physical sex and the gender he or she identifies as. For example, a person born as a … Continue reading

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My Transgender Child and I

I hadn’t seen my mom in a year because we live so far away from each other and I have a full time job. I decide to buy her a ticket and show her a good time here in Houston. … Continue reading

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THe Varieties of Sex

Diamond Stylz Discuss the varieties of sex on a chromosomal level and how these natural elements can in theory lay the foundation of Transsexuality and/or Intersexuality. Watch the video take the time to share if you enjoy

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