Message from A Mother

It was all about the love environment…not a interrogation. Lucky for you your son is 12 so he communication skill are on level where he can express to you whats on his mind. You might have to start the conversation out as if you are comin to HIM for his support and advice. Talk to him about stress you are having at work….or whatever…that strategy open him up to think it just conversation and not just mom tryin to have a mushy moment….make this routine……with BOTH your kids……just talk …creep in subjects about sex, or sexuality, boys, girls, whatever…talk about other stuff…god, goals, not just that…… just make it a comfortable enviroment for them…you sharing your concerns and issue in YOUR OWN life will help you become an ally……and not just mom tryin to get him to open up.
I love that you even care enough to be concern. For some parent being gay is so unacceptable that they wouldnt even deal with it and unfortunately as we have seen in the recent months, that can turn out very dark

About diamondstylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is pursuing a masters in Psychology.From sharing her sultry voice in song, her comedic antics,to sharing her life & commentary in the online media, she will capture your heart.
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