The Price of Beauty

UPDATE: Padge Victoria WindsLowe  is not running from the law. Her attorneys are working diligently on her behalf and her side of the story will be released very soon. there is a philadelpha witness the news and athorities are not speaking on, she’ll will confirm that Claudia and her friends had a party at the hotel once they were let go from customs early that morning Between 3am and 7… Claudia said she got so high off Four LOKO “+” drink, that she passed out and hotel workers had to wheel her up to her room on a wardrobe cart just hours before her incident. Death from Four loco drink have sprouted up lately in the media. So do you think silicone and the effect of alcohol in combination could have caused heart attacks in excess?

A story out of Europe and Philadelphia, about a woman named Padge Victoria Windslowe(pictured to the right) is being questioned in suspecion of the murder of another UK woman named Claudia Aderotimi(unsure if she is trans or not). Claudia flew from British to get silicone injection in here buttock for a more curvy femminine figure. After the procedure Clauda was rushed to the hospital where she dies of heart attack. Here is a link to more details of the story


Now I am not about to demonize silicone. That would be hypocritical because I have had silicone for over 10 years and i love my work. When i first got it …I didnt do any research and althogh i knew the risk, I still got teh procedure done out of desperation of my need for transition and need to be more feminine in appearance. Now there are some girl who have the money to go the legitimate route BUT there are risk to ALL surgery. So like Kanye west mom, any one can die on a legitimate doctors table. The urgency and goals are the same for a wealthy transwoman and a poor transwoman, judgement is useless and hypocritical. Even for the silicone provider, they are just trying to provider something and no one else will. An affordable way to help the transition along. Now i know that is a bold statement. I know there are greedy quacks just trying to make money out here. I know there and greedy quack purposely using bad material just to stretch the profits. Through all of this, there are silicone provider that care and will not risk your life or their freedom for the dollar. Black market is not the safest route you could go because the risk are MUCH HIGHER. Young transpeople if you can save, go the legitimate way but if not. Please research you providers work and consult with other girls that have receive their services The price of surgery for transperson can be enormous, but the price should never be your life. That when it becomes out of my price range.

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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7 Responses to The Price of Beauty

  1. elizabeth says:

    she was not trans and the picture u have up is not her but scheffe wilson who helped organise it. i think unprofessional plastic surgery is always dangerous they used Industrial not medical grade silicone.Kanye’s mum was warned not 2 go under sugery by another doctor because of her health/age.its sad in both situations Claudia wanted to be a video vixen and had been kicked off a video set 4 having butt pads i wish young women could see themselves as beautiful without a huge ass as she was.


  2. Carlea says:

    Diamond, you’re very pretty. Do you get butt implants? What products do you use for your skin, it’s flawless. I’m developing adult acne and its driving me mad. Looking for skin care solutions. Thanks.


  3. madamesiamese says:

    My Mom’s friend’s transgendered niece had this procedure done in Brazil, where she said that it was dramatically cheaper and better quality(according to her). I was wondering if the risks were higher there, even though she said that the doctors were certified–although medical standards may be different there than here??? Wondering what your thoughts are on that…


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