Nothing is Good Enough Huh?

Lynn Conway

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A person’s class is defined by where they stand in society. Stereotypically, where a person stand is society is determined by things like: how much money they make, how much influence they have in society,what they have done in your career, and what they have brought to society . Lynn Conway is arguably one of the most successful transgender in history. She was an part of an IBM research team who created multiple dynamic instruction scheduling in 1964. After she was fired from IBM for starting her transition in 1968 and re-establishing her career in another location, Conway collaborated with Carver Mead, in creating a groundbreaking method for chip design in the computer technology world. This method, which became the standard across the world, is chronicled in a book she co-author with Mead used in the curriculum of most universities around the world. Because of her achievements, she is a wealthy woman and has won countless awards. With all that she has accomplished, some people will disgard those deeds and discriminated against her. She would still be just a cross-dressing man trying to be a woman to some in society. Regardless of her wealth, her contribute to the computer industry, or her accolades, her class in society is not based on the stereotypical norms if a regular person. Her gender identity outweighs and undermines the conventional criteria for high-class status quo. So how do you approach a world in which whatever you do is never good enough? You approach it with a smile and determination to bring what you have to offer whether it is acknowledged or not

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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