A Bishop is Gay: *Yawns* Been There, Done That

Why are we so obsessed with people personal lives? This Bishop Eddie Long scandal is flooding the whole internet. If the allegations from the four (not one) young males are true, this is the same old story that happened before: High profile religious leader deceives everyone by pretending to be anti-homosexual as he partakes in the “sinful” acts himself. Can we say Ted Haggard, George Rekers,Billy James Hargis,Roy Clements,John Paulk,Paul Barnes,Lonnie Latham, etc?
 It’s so much more we can focus on. Bishop Eddie Long is not the only thing fucking young black men. How about the public school and justice systems? They have been fucking them for years. Look at the ratio of Black and non black inmates in any state prison. Yet I don’t see twitter trending topics or tabloid-blog headlines about that. The Jena 6 received less coverage.  These closet cases are not new to politics, religion, or life. Why is it such a gag? If I hear one more person ask “Why can’t they just be honest?” This backlash is the reason the closet is so filled up.

If the accusations are not true, then this definitely must be a test of his faith like Job in the Bible. He is having one of those WWJD moments <inserts a Jesus confused look>. I think the Lord has prepared him for this battle. If not, I am sure his mega congregation has prepared his bank account to handle these types of situations aka settlements.  The upside to this is that he will know how Jesus really felt instead of pretend to know behind a luxurious pulpit. The persecution, discrimination, and mistreatment that Jesus endured, he will know from experience. Ironically, the LGBT community knows those pretty well already. I wish the Bishop the best of luck and I will send the same contemptuous prayers up to God like he did with the gays he spoke against aka humped against. AMEN! Please share with your friends.

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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9 Responses to A Bishop is Gay: *Yawns* Been There, Done That

  1. jesse says:

    (continued) scene. hetero even, that’s disgusting. sex is a union of souls by enjoying ur mates body thru love. base fucking is boring to me , i need a connection,that’s the way of GOD. sexual predators,straight or gay are not of GOD ,just selfish.


  2. jesse says:

    ur not wrong to love, and that’s my problem now. first let’s talk about sexual predators . one reason why homosexuality is considered wrong is that it’s viewed as sex only,and in most cases it is. men cruise for sex from other men because it’s easy,easier than with women. again if bishop long is guilty he was acting on a base impulse of sex and control. not love or affection. even in a GOD loving


    • diamondstylz says:

      only freak view it as sex only. there are men who love other men in committed loving relationship with love and affection…not just sex. Homosexuality is view as wrong ONLY and i mean ONLY because some men back in the day wrote a book that condemn it in order to control people and make laws to empower themselve and now we have to deal with reprecussion of that today. transgender wanste ven a word so they didnt know to put us in teh bible. people over generalize homosexual becaus ethey dont take the time to research….there are freak only out for se xin teh heterosexual community but premarital sex aint denouce and shunned by people. Why because that ok? no they just want someoen to demonize


  3. jesse says:

    leviticus 18:22 says how GOD feels about homosexuality. i am personally wrestling with it because i love GOD and am trying to live by the word. but there is a transgender i am digging on right now. i am a black man and she is a black m2f trans. in the eyes of the church this is homosexual. i dont know if eddie long did it or not but to use his position to satisfy himself is foul. many other white bishops have been attacked, he is no different from this


    • diamondstylz says:

      the didnt even hav ethe word for transsexual back then….when the bible was written they didnt have the technology to to know that that homosexuality is biologically based. It research that say and show that people are are born this way……….sooo if it natural then God made it right so therefor eits not wrong….so people need to catch up…is being bore a midget wrong? no it not normal but it not wrong. thos epeople in the past were writting then to control people ….i feel like God point it in our heart to know what feel right and wrong. i dont feel like being who i am and love and man is wrong


  4. feminine1 says:

    Great points in your blog and I will pray for all involved. My problem with the situation is many people who are anti Christianity are jumping on the band wagon again with the whole ‘see Christians are hypocrites,’ and ‘what a bogus faith.’ It’s always the shaky and shady that receive media coverage and the scales are getting tipped over to all negativity. If he is guilty I want him to be found guilty quickly…if not…his name to be cleared, the whys put out totally, cause something very fragile is at stake. Unfortunately it keeps being placed at stake by pastors, and priests… I’m very disturbed by the consequences on past all the men involved.


  5. Decetra says:

    Honey, I could not agree with you more..great points were made in this blog! Best line I wish the Bishop the best of luck and I will send the same contemptuous prayers up to God like he did with the gays he spoke against aka humped against. AMEN!


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