Battle of the Groupies: Kat Stacks Vs. Sidney Starr

Battle of the Groupies

This stuff is getting out of control. One is a industry hoe that exposes rappers and one seems to be going in that direction. If I were either one of them, I don’t know how comfortable I would be with those roles. I have a few celebrity men under my belt. I wouldnt feel comfortable exposing them and effecting their careers in anyway. Now if they are asshole and being fake or rude to you. Then yes put them on blast but not just for selfish gain. Kat Stacks has destroyed any chance for her to redeem her respect from the public. Although I do think she is great for having video and other evidence for her claims. What i she getting out of these exposures? I she hosting parties or getting paid for interviews? when is the money she is getting? I would think that wa sthe point and not just fame. I hope Sidney goes the clean route and stays focus on promoting her dance career and not any scandal involving Down Low brothas. I feel like this well solidify the sex fetish image of transsexuals around the world. Now I know that some trans girls are all about themselves. They feel they dont hold the weight of their community on their shoulders. They have no regard to the legacy of transwomen. They do not know that WE started Stonewall, which wa sthe start of the sexual relvolution as we now it today. They dont see how these time we are in will effect transfolks of the future. Kat Stacks just wants attention. A regular female looking for attention. She doesnt undermine the strong Black women that came before here becaus ethe legacy is too strongly established. Transwomen dont have that luxury. We are in the begin of setting our standards. Sidney has a buzz. Buzz about a Tranny messing with rappers is so much more appealing than a regular groupie fucking rappers. So it obvious Kats Stack want to get in on that buzz. I just hope Sidney uses this brief buzz to benefit herself and still consider her sisters coming behind her. I also hope she is careful. If people attacking Kats Stacks was any indication, She is natural woman(supposedly). What do you think some angry entourage member would do to a tranny? A lot of people eat based on these celebrities success, even if the success is minor. They still feed many people. Im sure they wont like the fact that you are cuting of the hand that feeds them. My suggestion is to use this buzz to create a career for yourself but dont use it to destroy others. While Kat Stacks keeps reading her bootleg copy of Superhead’s Vixen manual, Sidney should go another route

About diamondstylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is pursuing a masters in Psychology.From sharing her sultry voice in song, her comedic antics,to sharing her life & commentary in the online media, she will capture your heart.
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11 Responses to Battle of the Groupies: Kat Stacks Vs. Sidney Starr

  1. tee says:

    really ain’t nothing wrong wit sidney i kicked it wit her 4 the last 4 years and she really is a very sweet person so really get over it cuz people r people and no one has the right to judge or prejudge a person. and i’m willing to bet all the people pointing the finger prob. don’t even have a job so if thats what gets u off then oh well do u. and 4 those who have issues wit tgirls ask yo self what did they do to u????? and also most of them have way more education and skills then u will ever have so when u go look in the mirror the next time dare to compare i bet sidney prob. eating good and u prob. wondering where yo next meal is going to come from. so remember when u point the finger there r 3 more fingers pointing r back at u

    • diamondstylz says:

      Are you talkin about ME or just people in general?

      • diamondstylz says:

        Well then you obviously dont know who I am….which is fine that you dont…. but if you gonna make a blanket statement about ME ….then how about you do some research on who I am and what I do. ….I have been working from the time i was 13 til now. I have a degree, I have a first amendment victory on the book in congress that is use in case all over the country. I travel the country doing diversity training for companies to have a safe fair environment for LGBT workers… and i work establishing and being a part of Black Trans Women Inc and the TransFitness Worlds conference. Organization dedicated to uplift the body and image of the Trans community specifically of people of color. I have been part of the positive Black trans activist movement since 1999 til now. Although I dont feel im pointing fingers at Sidney , i feel im really just giving advice of how to steer her exposure in a more positive manner. Instead of doing what she is doing ..which was lying about her involvement with a man…. and now her mode of operation is a constant bashing of other transwomen(Kandi coated nights, etc) such as Amiyah and others to get ahead…(more breaking down of others to seem better)…thats not the way to go….. None of what i said implied i was better than her….im pointing out to you what i do and what i have done… so you know im not worried about where my next meal is coming from…. from work,education, kindness, and activism, I have sown seeds in my life that are constantly fruitful,so I always eat.

      • Arnold king says:

        I’ve never made a comment on this. Subject

      • diamondstylz says:

        no you deleted your comment lol

  2. Walter says:

    You know being who she (Sidney Star) is and exposing those parts of her life is going to open the door for a bunch of carp that is going to come her way. Sadly, there will be people who purposely seek her out to expose her or try to derail her career. I think she really needs to be careful with the people she have around her.

    • Genaro says:

      She had a real shot at getting some positive publicity. Sadly the more this goes on it is worse for her. Sidney should know that when you argue with a fool you become the fool. I hope she try’s to follow ISIS and Laverne Cox instead of looking to seek out Brian Pumper. All these people are going to do is use her expose her then leave her on the curb. She may become a freak show for a dollar. Or be an advocate like ISIS and show some class. Imagine the offers ISIS and Laverne had with their fame? They could have taken the low road and made a quick buck but some people do not sell their integrity.

      Much Respect and keep doing the things you do.

    • Arnold king says:

      No the only thing
      I have comment on is. Your. Photo

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