Walking into the Wrong Room


Being You

I was just having a conversation about how this “activism hat” people are startin to put on me. It sound like it doesnt really fit. 
I have a “bad” side….that I actually like…..
Here is a lil list of some of the stuff I have heard through the grapevine about me anonymously through other:
I cuss a lil too much …..
I use to be escort….
Im to “black””ghetto”
I dress to sexy

All of those thing I either like about myself or Im not ashamed of.
So if standing up for my community or getting more exposure means I have to be in box or changing into some prude

Then I dont want that anyway
So I think I am just going to continue to be me
Yes it may close some doors,
 but already being who i am has open many other doors
I rather walk through doors being who I am than walk through doors being who im not
because that mean Im walkin into the wrong room anyway
I will change on my own terms and improve what i feel needs to improve FOR ME

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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7 Responses to Walking into the Wrong Room

  1. Walter says:

    What justice does it do us for people to pretend that everything is as peachy as it seems? If only we were to live in a perfect world, where people did absolutely nothing wrong or had a dark/sinister side to them. You can’t please everybody, and some people will hate you because the air outside is colder than the air in their house.

    You have pulled off your masked and exposed us to who you really are. I have nothing but love and respect for that, and love and respect for you. Continue to inspire,educate, and help the people who are ignorant to certain issues, who yearn to live outside of the coffin society has laid them to rest in.


  2. the chebec says:

    “too black”????? As someone has been accused of “acting white” i’d love to know what acting “too black” is.


    • diamondstylz says:

      i assume being opinionated and “ghetto” is what too black …that from the white people…i also have been consider to white on occasions but usual from the Blacks….lol i guess im in the middle so no one likes it


  3. the chebec says:

    This kind criticism is useless. First grapevine criticism like this leaves a person with nothing but incomplete ideas that seem much more like insult rather than constructive riticism. Second it is leveled by people who don’t have the decency to speak to you directly thus making it impossible to have a dialog that could lead to any kind of self-improvement as an activist. Until someone wants to be engaged in a serious conersation with you about how to be the best activist you can be then shrug this kind crap off and keep steppin’.


    • diamondstylz says:

      Yes…I never claimed to be an activist….all i do is talk about my story and my opinion on what is going on in my world….and being that that is the case, all my idiosyncrasies are apart of that and people will just have to deal with it.


  4. TransGriot says:

    I have had other transwomen who run like Flo Jo from me because they don’t want to be seen with ‘the activist’ and out themselves, or because I grew up middle class presume I don’t want to have anything in common with those who are mere illusionists or just starting their transition journeys

    I was political before I transitioned, that’s not going to change and being my friend means you get used to dealing with that side of my personality.

    Peeps need to realize there are many ways to be and project to the world the woman you are. You prefer to do it one way, I prefer to be the next Barbara Jordan with the class and sophistication of Diahann Carroll

    And if both our ways of womanhood projection helps all of us get to full social and legal acceptance of transpeople in this society ASAFP, then it’s all good in the trans hood.


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