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I think me and this lady tackle a few issues we tgirls are having in our sector of this great world. So I thought I would share just to open some dialogue. Not that we havent talk about these issues before but hey here we go again


Hello Diamond !
I like what you stand for so many of us transwomen are looked at as sex objects or experiments, Thats why I have left so many sites like BGC, Black Planet, Black T-Gurls R Us ect… All I was getting was jealous comments and sexual propositions and I was tired of it. I’ts also a shame our communities worst enemy is us. I go on BGC and there is so much immaturity in those chatrooms I just couldn’t take it any longer. We need more sistas like you. You are a great example of a classy WOMAN. Not SHEMALE, T-GIRL, TRANNY or any other derogatory terms that society labels us.Thank you for standing up! I believe that we can change the stereotypes of transsexual, but it all starts with us. People label us as freaks because look at eros guide, craigslist or all the other websites that capitalize on a serious medical issue called Gender dysphoria!. God bless you and remember your life is all up to us !@

((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((a big hug)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



Thank you love for the kind words. I dont think you meant this message to be offensive so do take what im about to say the wrong way. Im just responding to this the way I feel i need to in order to address a lady like you. I think you don?t like the stereotype that is out and because you feel the stereotype you want is better. Both are still stereotypes. I don?t fall in any one box. I am good and bad, dark and light…like the rest of you. Now let me address specifically what im talkin about

Now you said you were on those sites and got jealousy and sexual proposition. I am on str8 site as female, and i get the same stuff there so it not a transsexual thing.. it a being a woman figure on the net thing…it happen…guys will be guys and girl will be girls. It has nothing to do with the site you?re on. That can?t be avoided that the nature of the world

You said that you were on bgc in the chatroom and forums and you got tired of the immaturity
I am one of the those girls that in the bgc chatroom, roast , playing the dozen, clown being rude and having fun…and some people think its childis***think it fun and entertaining…we have serious convos and playful convo…that mixture is also the nature of the world…not just on a gay or tranny site…if you got to any heterosexual the same exact thing?they roast, clown and be serious sometime too. Its not just a transsexual thing

Im a Tranny that is not a derogatory term to me…a tranny is what i want to be…that what i am…im not tryin to be a bio WOMAN. That would be stupid….because I will never be that. God purpose for me is for me to be a TRANNY. Some people don?t agree. But do they matter in my life? No. Some girl dont like the terms…i dont care or have problem with them.

I dont have a medical issue called Gender Dsyphoria. That TO ME is a derogatory term…because it implies that we are crazy. I know very well the history and terminology of Gender dysphoria and i dont like it. I have a video about that ….here is goes at the bottom of this message it a part 1 and 2

One last thing i have to address. I WILL NEVER have a issue with EROS CRAIGSLIST BACKPAGE or any other site like that because those site help me survive take care of myself until I can establish my career. Which I have done now. Escorting has got me to a level i am now and keep me with a roof over my head and advance me to a level where i can go to school comfortable and get a job comfortable. So i will never judge escort or the site that they chose to be on. Trannssexual escorting dont make all transsexual look bad…..if that the case why dont woman escorts make all women look bad? People will judge you, it your job to break through that and say hey im not an escort I and doctor ima lawyer or what ?good? career you are in and it will change those specific people mind about trans stereotype. At the end of the day it their life their choice ?not yours

I think alot of time people forget that the the subculture it a reflection of the whole culture. We all are different and think different about thing just like other groups?It some ghetto black lowlife and it some goal oriented successful blacks?
I dont want you think that im goin off or anything like that , im just pointing out the difference on how we feel about things because from the tone of you message you have a impression of me that is not the truth….and that impression i dont like so i had to clear it up so you can have the REAL impression of me. Because im a real person.
The impression you have of me should be that Im Diamond Stylz and i dont fit in goodie goodie box nor a bad tgirl box because i have elements of both. I hope you understand.

Her response to my response

Thank you Diamond. You made some very interesting points. I hope I didn’t offend you that wasn’t my intention. I will always have much love and respect for you and you views. Thank you for opening up my eyes to those topics and taking the time to address those issues. I guess I just get so defensive because it was such a hard road for me. Maybe I need to just do some deep soul searching, look at the word though the eyes of others.

Much love


I know your message came from a place of love and frustration with our current status…. You are not wrong for you feelings…
I just wanted to point out something that you might want to consider…not only about me but about the difference in all of us.
I appreciate the love and dialogue…we have to talk about shit to address…and we both want the same thing .
a better life for ourselves as transwomen
I think that the point of this type of convos
thank you for the love

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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5 Responses to Sister to Sister

  1. Frank says:

    I love your mind


  2. According to the amazing Walt Disney, it is curiosity that pushes us to discover new paths.

    I’m rather curious to stroll this path together
    with you and find exactly where it goes to.


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  4. Cristy says:

    Hi Diamond. I found your blog via Racialicious, and let me tell you, I love your blog. I think that, for some reason, your words are powerful to me. And even if my cisgendered female self does not know your struggles, I think that your energy is very positive and honest and it moved me.
    I guess I wanted to comment here because, there’s a line in your answer that has caught my attention:
    ”Im a Tranny that is not a derogatory term to me…a tranny is what i want to be…that what i am…im not tryin to be a bio WOMAN. That would be stupid….because I will never be that. God purpose for me is for me to be a TRANNY. ”
    You know why this paragraph stuck in my mind? Because there have being oh, so many occasions in which I’ve allowed other people’s bullshit to stop me from accepting myself. Because I’m afraid of my own self, of not being pretty enough or skinny enough, or afraid of words some others may use to define me. Because I think that sometimes, I’ve let other people (my mom, exbfs) tell me what I should TRY to be. Things that I’ll never be (perfect, size 0, sophisticated, did I say PERFECT?).

    Anyway, this rant is because I just wanted to say that, if I could request something from you (which I can’t because I know this is YOUR blog), I would request for you to speak more about body and self acceptance. Some of your videos talk about that but I would love to see your written thoughts, as something tells me that you are probably very versed in the topic.

    Thanks for touching my life with this post. You really did.


    • diamondstylz says:

      That beautiful topic…..i dont know when but i will definitely conver it again. I totally understand people and THEIR standard…..i think what we have to do i know what WE want. No you many never be a 0…shit i wouldnt even want to be that BUT you should want to the healthiest weight you can be….Im a 14 and out of shape…..i dont want to be a 4 but i would love to be a healthy 8 -10….As long as we define what beauty is base don what we personally like and health…and true accpet it and strive toward that…..we will be ok…the confidence will bring the rest of those people along


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