David Tyree and I: Gay Marriage

1.) Whether a group is a minority or not is irrelevant to whether they should have rights.

2.)The “Can’t let gays redefine marriage” argument is inherently flawed because str8 Americans have redefined marriage constantly over the years based on CURRENT CULTURE. It was edited to banish polygamy, pedophilia, interracial love, and again to re-allow interracial love.

3.)In this country we have freedom of religion. This maybe a shock but some other people don’t even believe in God, let alone do things according to the Bible. They dont have too.Therefore their civil rights shouldn’t be based or determine by religion.

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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