Just A Little To Late

Cry Wolf Again Huh?

Here is a conversation I had the other day with a guy I have known since highschool. He never approached me in high school but in our young adulthood, we dated briefly(non sexual). Each time that there were a chance to be more than friends,he would disappear and stop talking to me like your normal closet-stealth-down-low man. Each time after that he would come back hitting me askin to date again because “he was ready now.” I gave in a few time and dated him again but then the same thing would happen. So I stop talkin to him. Then a funny thing happen. He became a mailman and just my luck my house was one of his delivery spots so I would have to see him everyday(I dont know if he did this on purpose or not). He would still try to convince me to give him another chance I would alway say no because I knew his mind was on some fetish-freak-need-to-be-a-client-type stuff. So that was in our early and mid 20’s. 5 years later, he has been with his girlfriend, made 2 kids, and in the tranny mill (on the low im sure). Now he is back from outter space with that same look on his face…lol(Gloria Gaynor swag). Here is how the convo went.

Him:Do u think we could ever be together?

Me: We could have at one point but you made ya choice…..how is ya wife and kids?

Him:Wife?? I’m single..yeah I have kids but what does that mean?

Me: Nothin is wrong with you having them but we have to be realistic…….You are a downlow dude….Your business, family and kids are in Indianapolis…I would never live in Indy again if I can help it… People know you and people know me. There is no way we would be able to live a drama free life in the closet……. and I dont want that any way….but I know you not ready for something open either…I live in Houston..and plan to stay here..I simply dont fit in your life
Him: I plan on leaving Indy soon..I really don’t care about that other shit..people know me and u but who cares..yeah back then I was scared and I played games but I really cared about u. I dont care about that shit now that Im grown …I feel we really connected..I wish we could have that back
Me: If we connected so much, we wouldnt be having this conversation… we would be together. You sing this same ole tune every few months, Im almost 30…Im too old to be tryin to figure out if you are serious or not ..what you are ready for and what you are not ready for…and all those other risks I would have to make with my own heart…when you make some moves aka actions to SHOW me you ready then…ill see what up…until then keep talkin like you been doin for years
Him:Ok fine u will see

So that how it ends. To keep it real, honestly, him and I did have a connection but with all the game and bullshit he played, that connect was not worth anything. So now that He is doing that Boy That Cried Wolf shuffle all in my inbox, Im suppose to come running and believe all that he is saying? Oh no honey you are gonna have to get rid of those wolves yourself because Im not coming

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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3 Responses to Just A Little To Late

  1. diamondstylz says:

    lmao@ stand up to me……i didnt know i was attacking someone or bullying someone… YOU CAME TO MY VIDEO …why would i debate with someone who cant construct a streamline argument and stay on subject. lmao@ get over being born …lol i think the boobs, pretty face, and hormone are helpin me get over that just fine. Awww i blocked you…..You mad?…lol STAY MAD….get over that


  2. TransGriot says:

    But sadly enough far too many of our trans sistahs, just to say they have a man, would fall for that yo yo relationship crap..


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