Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim Beef

Hello Rap Bulge!

This Nickin Minaj and Lil Kim Beef is so _________. There are many words that can fill in that blank: overrated, girlie,tired,whack, unnecessary, publicity. “Stupid” is the word that is most appropriate and directly to the point.
Besides Dancing With Star( which we all know is for C and D lister celebs),what has Kim done musically since she has been out of jail?…would people be talkin about Lil Kim if not for Nicki’s buzz? No, we would not….I didnt even know she had a new face.. let alone an album..
You sleep on your spot …and a new bitch will take it…that any industry….so put some music out that doesnt sound like it from the 90’s…where is your growth?it almost 2011. Stop bitching
And real talk if we gonna keep it real…Lil kim became famous for talkin about suckin dick and fucking niggas…. her lyrical depth was not goin hard like that Nicki’s aint either. Kim only changed the game in the sense that female MC can dress like girl and be raunchy … yall acting like her lyrics were Lauryn Hill status

Lil Kim is getting gased up because there is a new rap chick getting a little buzz. This is Lil Kim’s normal routine. Who hasnt she complained about. Her complaint is Nicki Minaj is not paying homage to her because Nicki Minaj is doing one thing that Kim did back in the day:wear different color hair. I can name so many artist that done tresses of different hues. Who didnt wear different color hair in the 80’s? When did Kim get the patent? To me that where the similarities stop. Lil Kim has purely unadaptable 90’s swag that was perfect and hot in it era. She had risque content, not necessarily the musicianship,that made her popular. She has a hard masculine street tone that she only puts on in the booth while her public voice and demeanor is girlie. Foxy brown had the same thing. they are legend and change the game when they came in it. A new girl is coming in to make her mark. Nicki Minaj is girly in the booth and in person. Nicki has a consistent ultra femme persona with some slight grit. This shows on her tracks and off her track. In my opinion she hasnt done enough to judge her work. Her feature are the hottest thing around. As far as her own songs, they are always lack luster and kinda corny. (I havent heard the album just the singles) I do have hope that she will do more just liek i hope kim come with some new shit.
Regardless of the comparison, Nicki doesnt HAVE TO pay homage to no one. Yes that would be graceful but it not a requirement. She isnt suppose to bow down and say she is #2 either. Although I have heard Nicki Minaj give Lil Kim her prop and respect. You dont see Diana Ross demanding homage? Cause he legacy speaks for it self…..Kim legacy is cute but it not much to over she feel threaten. She want that homage. Now Nicki Minaj need to come with a hot song before she thinks she doin something. These single have be so BLAND.
I think Lil Kim is making a fool of herself. These type of act solidify my suspicion of he low self esteem but i think the surgeries nail that in the coffin already. She should have just work on her music and let that speak for it self if she felt musically threaten anyway. Her fans have been waitin for how long?

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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4 Responses to Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim Beef

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  2. bresnns says:

    i kno do u like nicki or kim u live in cov i dont i stay in dekab


  3. daGurl! says:

    Yeah, Kim is hatin big time. I love Nicki and so does the rest of the world.

    Kim’s knifed up ass is passe. Like you said her swag was all that back in the day, but there is always a newer version of any ‘product’ on the market and Nicki is hers.

    She doesnt owe Lil Kim anything, let alone ‘homage’.

    Is it the photo? Well in my opinion Nicki looks better and is way hotter than Kim…



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