Who Is Doing What Really?

This is scary. There are so many worries in my little tranny world.

I have to worry about getting arrested for going to the women’s bathroom when I have to tinkle. I have to worry about if my gender is valid in the state that I live in even after a sex change. I have to worry about if a potential boss will not choose me based on my gender, race, or, sexual orientation. I have to worry about getting bullied or gay bashed at school. As if those are not enough to deal with, here come the WikiLeaks media fiasco, letting me know now that I have to worry about whether what the news i see is actually the real story or the government’s smoke and mirror. A journalist, Julian Assange, is reporting true information about appalling facts and scenarios the U.S. government is covering up. A cover up that major media organizations are helping to cover up. These media organization were founded on the principle of delivering true unbiased information to the public. They are not supposed to be ran by the government. This foundation of true journalism insured that the public be informed with transparent information about what our government is doing in our name. Dont we deserve to know what our tax money is supporting, what our soldiers are dying for, or what our global agenda is?
This is huge attack on democracy…wait maybe Im out the loop…democracy is still important right? Or did i wake up in Korea?
This is such a strange feeling. I feel like I have no control. The life within my home to the life within my country is at jeopardy based on some power-hungry jack-asses that I dont know making decisions that effect my life under a cloak of secrecy. 2010 was a year full of attacks on some of my most personal rights and values. Some of which I never thought would be attack or even could be. Now there is worry on a bigger scales. If I was one of those mindless people, worried only about who Kim Kardashian is banging this week or who buttdived into Raz B‘s hole, then I wouldnt care or even know about this stuff. I do know though. Im scared that if we dont put a stop to this soon, by the time we do know the real deal, it will be too late. Then again what can this little tranny do? I cant even pee at a public library without getting escort to the police department.

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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4 Responses to WikiLeaks

  1. This isn’t exactly the right place to post this, but we couldn’t find your email address, so my apologies. Anyhow, I came across your blog from messing around on youtube. I saw that you have a long video about your experiences at the trans-faith summit. Anyhow, we were wondering if you would mind if we put a link to that on our site, which is And, of course, we are always looking for new content as well. If any of this is interesting to you, please check out our site and let us know. You can reach me at susan {at} learningtrans {dot} info.


    • diamondstylz says:

      I dont mnd you using the video at all….. the embedding code is there under the video discription…as long as you link your viewer to my youtube channel…i am fine with it being used on your site for educational purposes


  2. Thailand says:

    So often I feel like deep stealth is the ultimate goal for a transperson. Living so below the radar that you will be dealt with as your identified sex. But the mental and emotional “handcuffs”, I feel are to unbearable. I feel so minuscule comparatively to accepted cultural norms and identities as far as rights and regulations are concerned. This I feel is the cause of many of the trans community’s defeatist attitudes to rallying and fighting for rights concerning us. Thus we got gen females having us escorted from bathrooms


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