Escorting and Getting Out of the Sex Industry


Is It Worth It?

I would be lying if I said that the escort business did not benefit me. I would not be who I am today without it. It funded surgeries, hormones, and my education,at some point even my next meal. I started in the business out of necessity. I got fired for being trans at a job. I had custody of my brother. I had my pride motivation me to not fail at raising my brother because I knew people were looking at the scenario in a negative light just because I was trans. So I was broke lookin for a job with bills due when a friend sent me a client to help me out. It was the easiest money I had ever made. The rest was history. I was makin money in amounts that a lil ghetto girl like my self never had seen. I could buy whatever I wanted at store for me and my brother, pay all bills and not have to wait til me next check two week later, travel to place I never been, and live a life I was not accustom to living. Ironically, I was one of those girl that turned my nose up to people that engaged in prostitution( I did start calling it escorting until i was in the business…lol). You have to love a good old euphemism. I would look at them with disgust and get and attitude when guys would approach me in that manner. That was from 16 to 21. 21 is when I hit the real world. Life thrown you many fast balls your way, you either gonna hit them or strike out. I was no longer a niave kid. I was woman in a objectifying world blind to other options by the need to survive and prove a point to the world. that I was independent and I could take care of my brother
After a while, the need to survive was no longer there. The bill were paid up for months in advance. My brother was in new clothes and shoes lookin fly and so was I. My life had no plan. All I did was sit at home answering calls from strangers. I negotiated firm prices. Set appointment. Give directions. Provide the service. OkThanksByeBye. Count my money for the 20th time. The cycle starts over and over and over every morning.
This routine lasted for years. It changed every thing about me. I was YOUNG AND WEAK. Strong enough to stand up and be a proud transsexual but weak because I didnt have life experience to tell myself I knew better. Sexual attraction, how I trust men, how i felt about myself all changed. I ignore the the wives because I didnt know them. I didnt look at myself negative like you may think. This was validation of my womanhood. A man attracted to me SO MUCH that he was willing to pay a portion of his whole check to see me. I was a goddess to these men. Yes they may have been saying the same shit to the other girls but they were saying it to me and I was taking it to heart. Not falling in love with every client but falling in love with the image I was portraying. No one praised me for being a transsexual. EVERYONE outside the business CRITIQUED ME. They tried to find flaws. Trannies were looking to see how they were better or worst than me. Female were looking to see how I was NOT them. Men were looking to see if they could tell. The outcome was nothing but critiques No encouragement. So the adoration these men gave was new. I soaked it up like a dry sponge throw into the Pacific. Escorting became a defense mechanism as well. It defended me against the tranny chasers. I wasnt falling for the dudes lies and game they played. You either paid me or you wasnt getting into my panties and damn sure not my hearts. If you did get shady after I let you in, I still knew that at least I got some rent out of the arrangement. The chaser didnt just leave me with nothing feeling played like tranny chasers can do. It was a sort of power and insurance. When you learn that this guy is dealing with every tranny in the city after lying and claiming you are the first or the special one, it didnt matter because he paid you. No hurt feelings . Just OkThanksByeBye
This wasnt healthy at all. I was in a state of stagnation. I was not using my natural god giving gift to be more. I was a robot in some way. It was destroying my personal relationship and destroying the dreams I had before the business.
It took a while and many conversation with many different people including clients to see that I was content with being a complacent whore. No euphemisms. No sugar-coating.
I had to make a conscious and difficult decison to change my life and motivation. I decide to go back to school and finish my degree. I made a plan that is coming together. I cant say that im 100% out of the business but i can say im 80%…lol. I gradually started taking ads down. I started taking few new clients. I got a bullshit job making 10 buck a hour. Yes I am alway scared about if i will get fired again for being trans BUT escorting got me to a level to where im more passable so people dont suspect anything. Now truthfully, I do feel so stupid at work making 10 buck and hour, when a client calls with 250+ for the hour. That just felt idiotic. Sometime i would stick to my guns and stay there but sometime I would play ill and come home and make that money. I eventually learned the importance of not worrying about it. Later on down the line, I enrolled in school. So over a span of 2 years. I have progressed. I use escorting only when it dire now. Not as a sole means of survival. Yes it hard because I cant spend how I use to but i have more free time and less constrictive plans. Regardless my life is moving in a new direction that I am proud of. I cant say when it will all be done BUT I cant say that it will be done soon. I was nowhere near saying that 2 years ago. Now i notice that now that Im tryin to live right, God is bringing so many blessing to me. People who support me and praise me for the positive not just how I look or how big my cock is…lol They praise me for being me, flaws and all… not some passable mudane tranny or sexy hooker
Listen to this video.

Side note: I am not the best writer so there will be mistakes in my DONT JUDGE ME. I tried to go back and proof read over time. I should get better. Thanks

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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31 Responses to Escorting and Getting Out of the Sex Industry

  1. As long as the road is right, you are not afraid of the road


  2. Frank says:

    Is this what made relationships not work ?


  3. Frank says:

    Maybe this caused your divorce


  4. Johnathan says:

    I need your help diamondstylz….i really do, i have a friend who is in the business and she wants out, so i showed support to help her but then she goes on these roller coaster rides of emotions cause she has said she never met anyone like me before that cared…then one day she lost it and cried for an hour on the phone while confessing she feels worthless…after that, she literally disappeared from calls and maybe the odd text for 4 days. Now when she talks to me she acts like its a professional friendship, not like a close friend how i used to be…why would she do that? , and what do i do now? cause ill be honest i hate the fact i no longer feel apart of her life or the friend she can turn to .
    Thank you soo much


  5. linza says:

    i am a female escort also! i understand what your saying an i respect every word. lately i have been thinking of a way to exit the business……but i willl return to it at the drop of a hat if the bills pile up too high an my working paycheck cuts it too short! you have to do what you have to do. people will talk about you regardless if your escorting or being evicted! fuck em! i make the money & i stay safe!!!


  6. pamela says:

    I appreciate you sharing your story with us. But I wish you had written about the dark side of escorting, which would benefit those trans women who are planning/thinking about entering the escort profession. Via your experience, let them know it isn’t all sunshine and ice cream cones, that there are men who may shove an escort around, take her money, belittle her for being trans. Give it to them straight, no chaser. Again, thanks for revealing such private details about your life.


    • diamondstylz says:

      Actually I never experienced those things so I don’t have those this to tell….so what I’m giving is my str8 no chaser….never been pushed around or belittle by clients….I had one very brief and small incident with a client….I have never been to jail…never got stds…..the dark side for me was it was as lucrative at time….now I do plan on tellin more story on my youtube channel about the business and clienteles…there is abig difference in that darkside when you run you business on a higher scale with clients who have more to lose….its so many element that lessen the darkness persay


  7. Nelia says:

    If your artciels are always this helpful, “I\’ll be back.”


  8. em says:

    I love what you’ve said! And I applaud you for your courage to speak out fearlessly. I’m actually thinking of getting into the escorting industry (struggling student with a ten thousand dollar debt that I can’t seem to clear with 10$/hr) I wanted to know if you could let me know how to go about ‘getting in’ and how long it would approx. take to make that much money. I’m afraid of working for an agency because I hear a lot of bad things about them..but at the same time I’m scared to start alone as an independent escort because of safety issues/not knowing what to do…if you could gimme some info that’d be great!


    • diamondstylz says:

      debt is just that debt….stay in school …live below your off refund and etc….dont gettin the businesss…especially now because money in the scort business is not the same as it use to be …it not worth the risk anymore


  9. Stacy says:

    You are an inspiration. I never read blogs but yours keeps my attention and your videos. God bless you and give you strength..Much love.


  10. Mia says:

    wow.. this story blew me away, I can relate on so many levels… I got arrested twice for escort without a permit, and no business liceanse… and once for prostitution… I traveled all over the world, made huge amounts of money… Almost got robbed at gun point once in ATL… I started in 2003, and like you Ihave a degree and I am alomost out of the business… I dont do Eros anymore.. I will put up a backpages ad , every once in a while, and I dont have to rely on the business to pay my bills anymore… I had more good than bad times being an escort (even though it doesnt sound like it) lol… But It ruined alot of relationships, and I know that I am better than that… Thanks for the stort sister!!!!


  11. Funkystarkitty50 says:

    I knew girls who were doing the same thing to get through college. No one likes to struggle or ask for handouts. You do what you have to do to get by and no one should judge you for trying to survive. But, the money is very seductive, I imagine, so how hard is it to adjust from being able to buy whatever you want to working in a “mainstream” job? You are beautiful, so I’m sure that you would get a lot of clients.


  12. TransGriot says:

    Thanks for sharing your story. Glad you made it out of that world, but sadly some of our sisters who are involved in it end up having candles lit for them at Remembering our Dead ceremonies.


  13. Lakishia says:

    Wow your story is heart-wrenching. I’m glad you realized that that wasn’t the life for you and now you have or is striving towards a plan. Not to judge escorting, but if you feel that it wasn’t best for you, I’m glad you are almost out of the business. I wish you the best of success in the near future and I love watching you on youtube. Your words reach many different people on youtube (like me a black lesbian lol), and I’m thankful for someone like you to open my eyes on the subject of transsexuals as well as others. OMG and your recent video “Eagles in a chicken coop” truly are the right words to encourage someone to reach for their goals and not conform to what the majority of society thinks. I’m so freaking tired of people feeling like they have the authority to tell others what to do as if they are really willing to help them and guide them along the way. Oftentimes I, and you, see people judging others but at the same time refusing to offer a helping hand to help them out–like offering to drive them to church, or helping out charities, or actually trying to befriend the person they are so focused on out of spite. Y’know? Most days I freaking hate my life and wish I was born another race, sexuality, etc., just like I see for so many around me. But I guess I’m already here and it’s up to me to make the best of my life despite how many people may come into my life and try their best to stump me.

    I’m going to stop now I’m rambling BUT I just want to say again I love you! Your videos make me laugh, cry, and encourage me, thanks!


  14. Lisa Annette Williams says:

    I wanted you to know how much I admire and respect you. I wish you many blessings. Love you girl! Enjoy the holidays. XO


  15. mo says:

    thank you for sharing your story my love


  16. Thailand says:

    get out and blessings are abundant!!! Im sorry but its so true!!!!


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