23 year old, Angel Johnson, shot in Indianapolis Indiana

Angel Johnson

Angel is friend of mine from my hometown of Indianapolis. She was shot by a home invader in her face, chest, and leg. By the grace of God she is recovering. Here is how the story is being portrayed on the news Now some of the dialogue has been change because they will not call her by her birth name on my fucking blog.:


Police aren’t saying yet if they believe a victim’s sexual identity lead to a shooting late Sunday night. Angel Johnson was transgender. She was shot four times after a man kicked in her chained apartment door.

It happened at the Canterburry apartments around 10 p.m. Sunday. Two sisters were living inside an apartment there. One of them was shot multiple times by an intruder. The other was able to escape by jumping off their third-floor balcony. Neighbors wonder if shooting victim targeted due to sexual orientation

Fox59 News spoke to a neighbor, who says she is now scared for her life.

“When they broke into the apartment, they just started shooting,” she explained.

Police say 23-year-old Angel Johnson opened the door to the barrel of a gun. Investigators say the gunman broke through the chain lock and shot Angel multiple times in the face, chest and arms. He then took off.

Angel’s sister was also inside during the shooting, she jumped three stories off the balcony to escape. As neighbors worry for their safety, word is starting to spread about why the gunman may have targeted Angel.

“I’m scared to be out here because of numerous rumors about what’s actually going on and why they did it and that stuff,” the neighbor said.

Rumors that Angel was living as a woman but was born a man.

“I’ve heard it the whole time I’ve been out here. I’ve always called her a girl but I heard the same thing and that it was one of her man friends who came back and did it. She looks 100% woman to me.”

“She’s always been nice to see her like (crying) that. I’m very emotional. I feel bad for her, I really do. You would never think your neighbors have all that going on,” she said.

Lawrence police are still investigating this shooting. They say the gunman took off Sunday night. Detectives would not say yet if the gunman targeted the victim because of her sexual identity. We’ve learned the victim’s sister who jumped off the balcony, broke her ankles. No word on either of their conditions.

Now what they are not telling you in tis story is that Angel has a altercation with some of her neighbors involving one of their boyfriends. This lead to the neighbors getting arrested for assaulting Angel. 3 weeks later …Angel is shot 6 times face chest and leg. You do the math.
People always automatically assume that if a transsexual gets murder it about tricking and deception on their part. That is not alway the case. Some time people just don’t like the fact that we are getting attention or that we are bold enough to be ourselves their for the want to harm us

UPDATE: Angel called me today and gave me a bit more information about what went on and what lead to the attack, I discuss it in on of my video here. To add insult to injury, Angel apt complex proceeded with a speedy eviction of Angel. On the ground that she endangered the safety of the other tenants. WHAT THE FUCK….ANGEL WAS attacked by a home invader…how is she putting someone at risk or danger by being the victim. Now she is hiding out in undisclosed place recovering because the gunman is still free and now she is homeless

About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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26 Responses to 23 year old, Angel Johnson, shot in Indianapolis Indiana

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  2. Miss Moore says:

    I am so happy to know that angel has survived and is getting on with her life. As for the convict that did this he needs to fry in Jail for the rest of his natural life. I don’t know what it is with people today, they rather rob then to be man enough to support themselves. they are so evil and need to be put away for what they are doing. I am moving to Indianapolis very soon and hope that it is safe for us as Transgender, but for every woman out there. Who is a victim, there really need to be some type ordinace out there to protect innocent individuals.


  3. another friend of angel&her family says:

    i am glad to kno tht someone is puttin the correct word out there.i never liked the grls she hung with (tht lived in her apt complex) and im pissed to know this has happened. this is a hate crime and needs to be justified.simple as that.
    (nice site btw)


  4. justconcerned says:

    @ Diamond styles. I’m pleased to see you on Angel’s side. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Thank you and Please hang in there and be there for Angel every step of the way. Please bear in mind that the reporters and the investigators in this case might not have all the inside information as you do, so please do not be quick to castigate them lest you upset their best cooperation and investigation in Adrian’s interest.
    I think all effort in this case should be tailored to Angel’s best interest. And I do not think the focus should be on the media or on the police, but on the perpetrators of this heinous crime.
    You did an excellent job of highlighting some of the facts which the reporters and the police might not have known at press time. I believe you, a transgendered woman, may have endured a lot from the society but never give up and still give people the benefit of the doubt so you can maintain a clear focus on who needs to be brought to justice in this case (The murderers and the apartment complex).
    The greatest service you can do for Adrian is to raise awareness so that the matter is not mishandled or taking lightly because she has survived. You are a very composed, eloquent and intelligent woman so seize this opportunity and create more awareness of the many hate crimes targeted towards transgendered persons. While helping to illuminate Angel’s case, you can be fighting for what you believe in. Win win. Get other people, GBLT and any willing supporters or well wishers, NAACP, governor’s office, and other human rights activists to do a solidarity march at Adrian’s apartment complex and to highlight the wickedness and hate that you guys have to endure over time. I wish I lived in your city and didn’t have school, but I have no doubt that you are equal to the task. Have no fear and remain bold in search of justice. God will see you through.
    As for the Apartment that evicted her…I hope the owner’s burn in hell. But before that, they must pay for aiding and abating a hate crime on Angel.
    Now as for those that planned to kill her, they will learn the hard way that only God holds the key to life. And that judgment is coming upon them. They intended to murder her in cold blood thinking she would never live to tell who did it. But God disapproved and took control in that the shooter revealed his identity and will be caught. Their plot has collapsed and they will be exposed and brought to justice. All the conspirators will reap the reward of their wickedness. Please anyone reading this should support Angel by any means possible. Continue to raise awareness. And if possible, organize something, a rally or something against the neighbors and apartment complex that evicted her on the most callous and atrocious grounds. They planned to take her life. I will support any move to pounce on these murderers with the absolute weight of the law. And al these nonsense hate crimes needs to stop.
    My prayers shall remain with Angel, her sister, and the rest of her family.
    And thank you @diamond styles for your role.


  5. numol says:

    Thanks for clearing things up. This is why I always get so pissed when anyone sneers at bloggers — some (like you) cover events WAY better than the mainstream media.

    I signal-boosted this here: http://numol.livejournal.com/15038.html

    If you’re not okay with that, I’ll take it down.


  6. Chance says:

    shall keep her and her loved ones on my prayers


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  8. Veronika says:

    Diamond, thank you so much for sharing this. It is a constant struggle to counter the myths perpetrated by the mainstream media. I am glad we have stellar women like you fighting on our side. Angel will be in my thoughts.


  9. ty says:

    Hi Ms.Diamond.. Of course I follow your youtube channel and the blog. Please tell Angel she is being prayed for. It’s so shocking what has happend to this girl. People are so mean and cruel. Has her family been to visit her?


  10. TheHarried says:

    Well this is an extremely fucked up situation.
    I’m upset that the law is not on her side.
    I’m upset that she has to go into hiding.


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  12. Got a link to the original story so I can highlight the disrespectful reporting in violation of the AP Stylebook guidelines?


  13. Lakishia says:

    Wow OMG I can’t believe people out there are like this. RIP. This is so sad she didn’t deserve to die like that, for being herself! And it’s funny the same people who shot her will become angry if someone told them what to do with their lives.


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