Ticked Off Hypocrites With Mics

The Gay Agenda

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I try so hard not to get in debate against any letter of the LGBT community. I really feel that for the most part, we all have similar agendas and understand the plight of each other. In an ideal world, we all would have that understanding and be the driving collective force for all of our rights. No one left behind, but no one lives in an ideal world. There are some minority that are marginalized but do not care or even take the time to see, understand, or assist in the rights of others. They spread propaganda and hateful opinions just like their oppressors do. Like how Hispanics put down and solidify the stereotypes of African American, and vice versa, both are minority and would be more successful in reaching equality together than seperate. This same principle holds true in the LGBT communities, some gay individual dont even try to understand the transgenders experience. They will act like they do, but then spew out some basic cliches statements like “they feel like a man trap in a woman body…yes I know.” If you ask them anything outside of that, they dont know crap. Recently I watch a show, hosted by Israel Luna the directer of Ticked-off Trannies with Knives, that was a shining example of how off based some of these hypocritical gay people can be. The walk around with these trans-bashing mind sets, wearing the mask of a defender of equality. They throw us and our rights under the bus and chance they get and contemptously feel our rights should be limited. Take a listen to my video where I discuss and include some of the commentary from the show.

Click here for a great posts about this subject from Grace Alexis of the Queenz of Media



The premise of not changing the documentation of historical event I actually semi agreed with…and I made that clear…my issue was the rest of the stuff…i felt like i was listen to Bill O’Riely and Rush Limbaugh discuss gay rights…the conversation was very dismissive. There was not research done about the topic especially pertain to what a trangender person is. John De Los Santos says “she’s crazy and nutty” for feeling like a woman with out the sex change…Sex change is not the sole criteria for being trans ..and it doesn’t determine if one is a REAL trans or not. Then Allyn Carrell saying “you would hope that she wouldn’t win” oh really…im personally hope that our justice system would be fair and consider the facts, science, and other precedences of birth certificate corrections and i hope they don’t make an quick mindless decision like Ms Carrell…that what I would hope….and the audacity of saying “they’re are asking for too much” or that the freedom we all ready have is enough” ….I guess DADT being repeal should be enough for gays too…yalll don’t need anything else……..the whole convo was so reminiscent of the Bible thumpers dismiss LGBT rights as a whole….because they feel it wrong and inappropriate based on the history of the traditional definition of marriage…

I just feel the dialogue was inappropriate especially coming from member of the LGBT


About Diamond Stylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is the host of Marsha's Plate Podcast and the Exe Dir of Black trans Women Inc.From sharing her sultry voice in song, thought leaderships on trans womanist issues,and commentary on life and current events, she will capture your heart.
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6 Responses to Ticked Off Hypocrites With Mics

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  2. Hi Diamond,

    Thanks for your blog piece and amazing video.

    I think I should explain a bit about the “historic document” aspect.

    Recent scientific studies indicate genetic predispositions for embryonic/fetal development that leads to transgender people. In 2008, separate Australian studies found a “long androgen receptor” gene (MTF) that could cause a lessened effect of testosterone, and anothe gene for an enzyme that greatly increases the effect of testosterone (FTM). The brain structures develop earlier than the genital ducts – and the theory is that the brain follows one of the blueprints for the brain, and the other for the genital tract. The result? The obstetrician and our parents only see the evidence for the “wrong” assignment, and not the one that matches our brain development. At the very least, the initial assignment itself was wrong.

    Far from being an historical fact, the birth certificate record is in error. I grant that the method of checking the newborn’s external genitalia works better than 99.9% of the time, but for those of us in that <0/1% of the population, that method is a mistake.

    Now, you might think that not having the right genital tract development means we don't belong to the other sex either. But society expects us to be one or the other, and we really do fit with the brain side of things, even if we don't realize it ourselves until we're around four years old.

    It's one of the reasons I've stopped using "MTF" and "FTM" – those terms assume we really belong to the wrong sex first, and then "change" our sex. The terms WBT and MBT (woman botn transgender and man born transgender), to me, are more accurate – we really never belonged to that original erroneous sex.

    As I try to emphasize – it's about a correction, not a change.

    Still, I think that there are a lot of people who, without the advances in medical science, would not be able to get to the conclusion that the original assignment was a mistake. But once we undertsnad the science, the little light bulb over our heads lights up – and we come to the realization that the sun does not go around the earth after all.

    Anyway, great commentary!


  3. Reverend O'Drilligan says:

    Diamond, I am CPing this from another place since its my view on the situation. Kudos for calling this yutz on his bs.

    Well, wish I could say this surprises me but it really doesn’t. I am sure I’ll get flamed for this but not like I much care. Gays and lesbians are some of the most intolerant people I have ever met. No, this is not all, but enough for it to be noteworthy. I have witnessed gays and lesbians be intolerant to bisexuals, transsexuals, the less-than-perfect (in terms of looks and/or bodies), AND the rights of heterosexuals to not like or accept Gays/Lesbians. And when it comes to the T community they are often treated like an afterthought at best.

    Irony of irony, they do all of this while screaming from the highest moral mountain top: “We demand to be accepted!” Oh and for the record, before you all dismiss my point because I am a “breeder”, I am actually bi and I absolutely believe others have a right to their beliefs and/or disagree with how I live my life. What they dont have a right to do is impose their beliefs on me.

    Sadly its this hypocrisy that is the reason I rarely support gay and lesbian issues. Sorry, and as much as it is semi-self-defeating to my interests as well, I just cannot support any group that effectively says you must tolerate us, but we do not have to tolerate you (by words or deeds). Maybe I am just biased because of my support for the T community. Maybe I am merely self-loathing. Anyone there is my 2 cents for a 5 dollar cup of coffee. Flame on.


    • diamondstylz says:

      Well I support people until the prove other wise. I also feel the same way about people have in the right to be agaist someithing and not accept….my motto is “you dont have to accept it but your gonna respect it” I dont feel people should press their beliefs on people. Now even this scenario, they have the right to to feel and believe what they want. My issue is dont wear a mask of equality when you dont belive in those principle for real…Dont act like your in out corner when you really only looking out for your own. I respect people who look out for theme self with pride. Then you know who you dealing with…not some fake you think is down for you then they show in the bad times that they are not.


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