Utah DMV Trans Fail

Inside the FairPark DMV

Amber Anderton, a cisgender woman, witness are transgender woman being harrassed and taunted at the Utah Local Fairpark (irony) DMV. She was forced to remove her make up and pull her hair back in an attempt to masculinize her. This kind of treatment is degrading and unacceptable.  Pride in Utah, a website prides itself in being the eyes and ears of the Utah Queer community, post a article sharing this story and more details. Here is the Link


About diamondstylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is pursuing a masters in Psychology.From sharing her sultry voice in song, her comedic antics,to sharing her life & commentary in the online media, she will capture your heart.
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3 Responses to Utah DMV Trans Fail

  1. Michele Kay Bawden says:

    Diamond thank you for talking about this issue. As a resident of Utah it is an outrage that our government employees do not understand what respect and non discriminatory behavior is. Thanks again for posting your thoughts and frustrations about what has happened. Please write a letter or make a call!
    Here’s the DMV email: dmv@utah.gov let’s flood their inbox!
    4501 S 2700 W
    PO Box 141775


  2. Cheryl Courtney-Evans says:

    What the DMV did to the transgender woman was reprehensible! If it had been me, I’d have left without my license, and my next stop would have been to the ACLU, Lambda Legal (lgbt rights legal agency) or other legal agency in the area, and the DMV and I would have been in court!!

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