The Transgender Purpose

About diamondstylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is pursuing a masters in Psychology.From sharing her sultry voice in song, her comedic antics,to sharing her life & commentary in the online media, she will capture your heart.
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8 Responses to The Transgender Purpose

  1. I give you constructive criticism, and you call me mentally ill. Take a deep breath and ask yourself where your violent reaction comes from.

    • diamondstylz says:

      Nothin violent about what i am sayin…im simple point out that what you see as a flaw in my mannerism is what makes me who i am…what you call amateurish is the very thing that make me connect with people in the avenue of media. what you call constructive criticism is actually you blaming my action for YOUR being distracted. So the constructive criticism should be of yourself allow something so trivial as hand movement to distract you from a bigger message that you claim to, despite hands moving, still understand

  2. Thank you. We are on the cusp, we bring people together.

    My thought in August was that the first thing people notice about another person is what sex they are. Here are we, partaking of both genders. If this most fundamental rule is broken (there is male OR female) then there are no rules, and everyone is Free.

    A minor criticism: I feel your hand gestures in the video distract from your lovely face.

    • diamondstylz says:

      Thank you for the comment ……. Im not that vain to worry much about my face when im speaking about something bigger then beauty….I speak with my hand, eyes, and mouth…it one of the idiosyncrasies that makes me…my hands and words will be there even when that “loveliness” fades …you should work on not being so easily distracted….but hey maybe that makes you you

      • I am quite capable of taking in your video and what you were saying. Your hand movements made the video look amateurish. It would not be quite as bad if you were further from the camera, but here the hands occupy far more space in the screen than the face does.

      • diamondstylz says:

        my black jacket takes up more space than my face and hands and it a contrasting color. Does that distract you too? How exactly does hand gestures make me “amateurish” at being myself…..this is not a newscast…..or motion picture film…..this me sitting in front of a camera talkin about a subject where the subject is 100% of the time audible despite the 5% of the time that my face is not showing….there in no need for professionalism…. although it is professional enough for youtube to be PAYING me to do it….and to have over 1.5 million views….and over 85,000 monthly viewers…those amateurish distracting hand gestures work for me. Now Im all about constructive criticism when it reasonable and appropriate but in this case it not. YOU being distracted should never become something I need to fix unless you one of my psychological clients. And from a mental health professional’s standpoint, since you like professionalism so much, that sound like Attention Deficit Disorder.There is medication for that.

      • Serlie says:

        Yes and we have to focus of the fact that we live under the mask….while othe rhide we are open and be ourvelses…that is a blessing in it self

    • Nikos says:

      Just as sttead lea. Just as sttead lea. Most guys don’t understand these rules. There are numerous guides online full of info on this for str8 men. They just have to read it and UNDERSTAND. Woman are woman.. Born or otherwise. Treat em with respect and love And they will appreciate every minute of it and know that u care. Its very hard on the tg community due to misconceptions. They are woman people.. U make love to her? Don’t u? to my fellow man. Well mtf’s are no different.

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