In Memory Of Eric Nlemchi

After watching the video, you may ask yourself; Why would he do it if it was such a huge deal. I ask myself the same question. People do things in the heat of the moment and regret them later all the time. Sometime it’s motivated by anger, joy, and lust. The latter was the motivation in this particular story. Since Eric Nlemchi has passed away, Ill never get to ask him why and get a full explain or thought process behind all of his violence and lies. I was too angry and vengeful to ask him myself, although he continue to hit me up on various other site he saw me on after the incident. My perfect crime free record was tarnish due to this dude. I have to be an adult an take responsibility For my retaliation but i feel it was justified due to the circumstance. I never wish death on anyone so I wasn’t wishing that he would die but i can say that this wasn’t bad news when I heard about him dying in the bike accident on the news. There was a moment of shock, then there was a moment where the inner child in me said “Hell Yea, That what you get”, then a moment of guilt when the adult in me say ” “That not a good thought to think”. During the time that I googled the accident, I found a news post where his sister had commented and I felt bad for them because regardless of the ugly side that I saw in him, he still was someone’s brother,son,nephew. etc and this was their lost. So my condolences to them

Eric Nlemchi

About diamondstylz

Diamond Stylz is a transgender producer/activist/public speaker. She is pursuing a masters in Psychology.From sharing her sultry voice in song, her comedic antics,to sharing her life & commentary in the online media, she will capture your heart.
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15 Responses to In Memory Of Eric Nlemchi

  1. Frank says:

    Sounds like he was unstable mentally ! What confused me is what were you doing with Eric and your early post stated you were in a 5 year relationship. Just curious not judging you Miss I’m your biggest fan .

  2. Toy! says:

    Wow!! Obviously I’m super late smh.. I just noticed that Eric Nlemchi passed and I’m truly sorry to hear it yet, as the you transgender (cute) lady said he was in fact not as great as others would like to paint him.. I dated Eric for a couple of months in probably around the same time he was dealing with Ms.Diamond.. I am a born female just wanted to throw that out there (no disrespect).. I met Eric @ my job and he would frequent my job quite often to handle some transactions.. During the course of him frequenting my job he would flirt with me.. I of course was attracted to him and he was very charming.. So after many advances my way I decided to let him take me out on a date which was nice.. We went on dates for a couple if months and I thought he was a nice guy.. He was in college about to graduate, and he was also playing basketball so I felt he had his lil life in order… I eventually became Eric’s girlfriend (I guess) and so we began to have sex.. Now mind you I was as well a few yrs older than Eric and at the time I had a son.. So before we indulged in sex I asked him to provide me with an aids and sexually transmitted disease test so, that just in case the condom broke or we decided to have unprotected sex I would feel a little at ease knowing he was clean.. He obliged as well as I.. We began have PROTECTED SEX for about 6-7 months and things were cool.. Yet he began to be really aggressive within those months saying things like I better not sleep with anyone else, and he gets random tests done on himself at planned parenthood an blah blah blah.. I would of course tell him that I wasn’t cheating and he knows that I’m clean.. One night while having sex the condom he can barely wear comes off (any women whom has slept with him knows why) So he claims he didn’t know we find out once it’s over.. A week later he comes to my job and asks me to come outside.. I go outside and he starts cursing me out!! “Bitch you gave me chalmidya <— (misspelled) and I'm standing there like what?!?!?! 1st of all I've never had a sexually transmitted disease in my life!! So at that moment I'm in a state of shock and he's threatening me and he slaps me and goes to his car fast before I could kick his ass.. I tell him to never come to my job and to lose my fucking number!! He drives off and I'm just in a state of shock.. The next day I go to my doctor and tell them like Idk if I've been exposed to a disease and basically the whole run down of what happened.. Of course they check me out labs prove no foul play on my end but still give me some meds for preventative measures.. I of course I take them and Eric and his dirty little baby mama starts calling me with drama and I'm like what have I gotten myself into.. Then a week later just as he did the young lady he starts calling and texting me.. Ohh he made a mistake.. He misses me and wants to be with me Ect.. Long story short I blocked his number from my phone, deleted him off my myspace page and moved on with my life.. I have said all this to say.. Thank you Diamond for sharing your story and bringing the truth into the light!! Although what happened to Eric was very unfortunate and I really hate what happened to him because at 1 time I really cared about hum a lot… Yet it is very obvious that he was not a stable minded individual.. Anyone who sought out to hurt someone who is not out to harm them in not a mentally stable person..

    • diamondstylz says:

      Sorry that happen to you …and thank you for telling your story ….not just you but a few other women have contacted me with similar situations….where he jumped on them out the blue for no reason just like he did me. You are right he was mentally unstable…I’m just glad it didn’t end worst for me ….I hate that I got a criminal record now because of one night of good dick but it could be worst.

  3. Lais says:

    Yup, nothing about him says $200,000/year. This video inspired to get some mace until i can take gun classes. These people are craaazy!

  4. OldGirlfriend says:

    I was going to leave this on youtube, but I don’t want to use my real account… just wanted to tell you that I believe you! I dated him for years.. well me and prob 456545341685 other girls, but what can you do? Actually the year all your drama was going on I hadn’t completely stopped talking to him (by August of that year I FINALLY left him alone).. I was away at school. smh! He was violent with me a few times and I caught him a few times via internet accounts doing some down low sh*t. Including looking up houston area tranny profiles ON MY COMPUTER! When I asked/accused him of it he got angry and violent. While I don’t condone the video I do know this side of him… none the less your video still shocked me. I almost hoped no one else he knew would see it, but since it’s the first thing that comes up when you google him I would imagine loads of people I know and know him have seen it. He was the type to have you catch him having sex with a girl and then tell you that was not what you so it feels good to have someone else say I was right. He was the last person you would expect to be on the low so no one believes people when they say it!

  5. chris adams says:

    I knew Eric personally, since we were kids actually, now I’m not writing this to threaten you or anything, i don’t feel like it needs to come to that, i just want to ask you to take down the video please, you have had this video up for awhile now and your story has been told, now in respect to his memory and family, add on the fact he is no longer here to defend himself, can you please remove this video, and let it be over with, you claim he did certain things to you and you claim you got him back, so whats the need for this video dirtying his name for all to see, he’s gone now, so please let him rest, that’s all I’m asking

    • diamondstylz says:

      What I claim is all on record in the courts…my claims can be proven by the email and text correspondance between me and Eric . You are only on my blog watching my video because you are on his “personal friend” side of his life that doesnt involve his sexual down low side…I was on that side. If you took the time to go to the rest of my 300+ videos you would see that what my blog and videos are about is to share my life and my experience so that young transwomen can learn from my mistakes and my triumphs. MY STORY, that just so happen to involve Eric, is the truth and it is significant because it is my first and ONLY criminal type of run in with the law…so it importabt for me to tell to my audience so they can avoid the situation. Eric was not worried about my name when he was lying to the police saying that I trick him. Why would you honestly think that I would be worried about his name? Where was his family while I was in court dealing with the repercussions of their failed upbringing of Eric? Where were you when I have to explain to a job why this deferred adjudication case is even on my record? Are you worried about my rest then. No you are not. Eric and you people that I dont know have no weight on my decision to what stories to tell. There are natal born females and trans women STILL hitting me up about how he was abusive and attack them for wearing too much make up or not doin something to his liking…He was a trouble abusive crazy ass young man. Obviously you didnt get to experience that side of him…so you dont know what that is about.I do. My story is about me and what I have been through and I have the right to tell it. It would only not be wrong if I was lying on him…Unfortunately, I am not

  6. platinumkitty says:

    keep my nigga name out y’all mouth please cuz y’all not bout that life

  7. peoplearestrange says:

    I would advise that you quickly remove these pictures from your blog as you have no legal right to display them on this page. Displaying these pics are not in line with the fair use laws. Again, please remove them and refrain from using Eric’s name otherwise legal action will be taken.

    • diamondstylz says:

      Thank you for your concern but while you are advising me on something I am fully aware of …let me advise you, Mrs Anuforo. I am not the one you should be speaking to about the removal of pictures. Fair use laws are all about copyright. Why would you have your brother’s personal pictures sent to the Library of Congress for copyright registration? I dont think you did that. The person who has the copyright to these pics is Eric because he created them. Unfortunately he has passed away (my condolences) so the pictures are apart of his estate. Are you the beneficiary or executor of Eric’s estate? Probably not. But if by some small chance you are, You need to provide proof of that… NOT TO ME….but to every site that Eric has posted his pictures on. I didnt actually upload these to my site because i dont have permission to do that. I just linked the pictures ..they are not actually on my site. These picture were upload by Eric on another site were he gave them full permission in their terms of service to display his pics. So go talk to them about removing his pics

  8. Give me two thumbs up ’cause I made it to the end. LOL Now let me tell you what I would have done. (Of course this would depend on whether or not in Texas they would have allowed you to remain out on bond during the duration of the trial.) I would have told those MFs to crank up a jury…reason being with all the documented evidence (the detective’s testimony notwithstanding), a jury most likely would have cut you loose. I feel like they intimidated you into taking that plea with the heaviness of the consequences they threatened you with. I think that if you had any sort of lawyer, he should have advised you to take a jury trial, I’ve had two cases that involved gun violence (with me being the shooter); in the first I had a sorry lawyer who didn’t want to work (Pub. defender) and advised me to plea, while in the second I had a Public Defender who didn’t mind doing the work, and he looked at the record, told me that I should have taken a jury trial in the first one (due to the evidence), made them crank one up on the second one AND THEY FOUND ME NOT GUILTY (and the bitch was guilty as hell, but the evidence available was in MY favor). You HAVE to have a lawyer who has GUTS and FIGHT in him, willing to go to bat for you….at any rate, his death probably saved another transwoman from suffering his antics,

  9. Brooklyn says:

    i had a similar experience with the same guy. REST in Peace.

    • Frank says:

      I think you are beautiful but I’m confused I have crush on you I read the blog ! How you got in trouble with Eric your poll before spoke of 5 year marriage please explain.

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