New Music: Diamond Stylz – Rihanna’s Stay Cover

Rihanna’s Stay ft Mikky Ekko was a song that I didnt like at first but hearing it over and over i started to like i did it for fun last night and this is what i came up with…tried to make it my own…hope yall like
Check out more song on

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Africanoboishow Presents: The Call (A Spoof) featuring Diamond Stylz

The Africanoboishow’s Bryan Oji and Diamond Stylz team up to do a hilarious spoof of Halle Berry’s new film “The Call” Watch, laugh, and Share

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A Talk with a Trans-Attracted Man

Diamond Stylz has a conversation with a trans-attracted man

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Why Im Voting Vote For That Guy

Going to exercise the right my ancestors died for me to have…

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New Music: Diamond Stylz – Come Into My Love

All lyrics, arrangement and vocals by Diamond Stylz
(minus the lil Isley brother lyrical borrowing on the being of verse 3)

If you would like to hear more click here

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In Memory Of Eric Nlemchi

After watching the video, you may ask yourself; Why would he do it if it was such a huge deal. I ask myself the same question. People do things in the heat of the moment and regret them later all the time. Sometime it’s motivated by anger, joy, and lust. The latter was the motivation in this particular story. Since Eric Nlemchi has passed away, Ill never get to ask him why and get a full explain or thought process behind all of his violence and lies. I was too angry and vengeful to ask him myself, although he continue to hit me up on various other site he saw me on after the incident. My perfect crime free record was tarnish due to this dude. I have to be an adult an take responsibility For my retaliation but i feel it was justified due to the circumstance. I never wish death on anyone so I wasn’t wishing that he would die but i can say that this wasn’t bad news when I heard about him dying in the bike accident on the news. There was a moment of shock, then there was a moment where the inner child in me said “Hell Yea, That what you get”, then a moment of guilt when the adult in me say ” “That not a good thought to think”. During the time that I googled the accident, I found a news post where his sister had commented and I felt bad for them because regardless of the ugly side that I saw in him, he still was someone’s brother,son,nephew. etc and this was their lost. So my condolences to them

Eric Nlemchi

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Judge Rules That State Pays for Sex Change

I had some major pronouns usage fails direct toward the trans woman in the matter at hand…and I apologize for that because that may seem hypocritical and inconsiderate….that was not my intention…
A federal court judge on Tuesday ordered Massachusetts officials to provide sex-reassignment surgery for a transsexual prison inmate, Michelle Kosilek, after determining that it was the only adequate treatment for the inmate’s mental illness.

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