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New Music: Diamond Stylz – Come Into My Love

All lyrics, arrangement and vocals by Diamond Stylz (minus the lil Isley brother lyrical borrowing on the being of verse 3) If you would like to hear more click here

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In Memory Of Eric Nlemchi

After watching the video, you may ask yourself; Why would he do it if it was such a huge deal. I ask myself the same question. People do things in the heat of the moment and regret them later all … Continue reading

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Singing A Song in a Strange Land

If God let the “saints” have their way in my life….I would be dead, sick, poor,homeless, and a failure. Although the tongues of the so called saint spoke those bad things on me, I have not succumb to not even one of those states of being. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


So 2011 has been a great year for me. The year started with off with the blessing of of new apartment. I didnt want to move at first but i did reluctantly. The location was better in the new apartment but it was lil more expensive so I was worried about my finances. I prayed about it and stepped out on faith. Now love the new place. In the middle of the year I traveled and attended the 2011 BET Awards for the first time thanks to my friend J. It was fun experience. i feel like celebrity just being so close to so many real celebrities. I ate at Mr Chow’s and some susi place with my friend and we had great food and great conversation as we always do. It was just a wonderful time in Los Angeles. So much so that i know if ever move from Houston it will be there. In the middle of year i also started a new job. It great. I like the people and it gives me the free time to work on my dreams. Then as the ear came to the end, I found a new love. Well not really new a old live just newly becoming official. I met his family. Although there were some awkward moments in that family meeting, it all went well. So Im someone girlfriend again. That is an unexpected state to be in. I didn’t expect to be here at the begin of 2011 but I am officially in love. Scared-as-hell-in-love but in love nevertheless. I hope that 2012 bring more blessing and no pit falls that my resilience cant handle. Im looking forward to a new year of even more greatness.

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Natalia Johnson fired from Macy’s : Thumbs up @ Macy’s

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Being and Living Your Gender Unapologetically

Transgender indivduals sometime are too busy trying to convince others of their gender so they put too much weight in how others perceive their gender and not how they perceive their gender. Of course, you have to consider how people perceive you on some … Continue reading

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Stuart Walker, Occupy Wall Street, Being Casualties

Upon reading about Stuart Walker’s body being found burn and beaten in Scotland and watching some video footage of Occupy Wall Street, I decidedto do a video inspired by them both. Watch and tell me what you think.

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